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Bagh, Azad Kashmir Postal Codes

    Postal Codes of Bagh, Azad Kashmir

    Following are the postal codes of different towns in Bagh city of Azad Kashmir.

    ARJA12460BaghAzad Kashmir
    BAGH12500BaghAzad Kashmir
    BARIKOT12560BaghAzad Kashmir
    BIRPANI12510BaghAzad Kashmir
    CHAMANKOT12630BaghAzad Kashmir
    CHIRALA12620BaghAzad Kashmir
    DHIRKOT12600BaghAzad Kashmir
    DHULLI12570BaghAzad Kashmir
    HARIGHEL12480BaghAzad Kashmir
    KHARAL ABBASIAN12520BaghAzad Kashmir
    MALLOTE12502BaghAzad Kashmir
    MONG BAJRI12470BaghAzad Kashmir
    PLANGI12508BaghAzad Kashmir
    RANGLA12610BaghAzad Kashmir
    REERA BAZAR12550BaghAzad Kashmir
    UPPER SUDDAN GALI12504BaghAzad Kashmir

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