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Bahawal Nagar Postal Code

    Bahawal Nagar Postal Code

    Following is the list of Postal Codes of towns in the city of Bahawal Nagar.

    BAHAWAL NAGAR62300Bahawal NagarPunjab
    BAKHSHAN KHAN62400Bahawal NagarPunjab
    CHAK 117/M62004Bahawal NagarPunjab
    CHAK 132/6-R62070Bahawal NagarPunjab
    CHAK 227/R-962030Bahawal NagarPunjab
    CHAK 297/HR62024Bahawal NagarPunjab
    CHAK 69/4-R62080Bahawal NagarPunjab
    CHISHTIAN62350Bahawal NagarPunjab
    DAHRAN WALA62380Bahawal NagarPunjab
    DUNGA BUNGA62110Bahawal NagarPunjab
    FAQIR WALI62050Bahawal NagarPunjab
    FORT ABBAS62020Bahawal NagarPunjab
    FORT MOROT62000Bahawal NagarPunjab
    HAROON ABAD62100Bahawal NagarPunjab
    KHICHI WALA62040Bahawal NagarPunjab
    MADARISA62320Bahawal NagarPunjab
    MANDI SADIQ GANJ62210Bahawal NagarPunjab
    MINCHIN ABAD62230Bahawal NagarPunjab
    RAM PURA62120Bahawal NagarPunjab
    SADIQIA62250Bahawal NagarPunjab
    TAKHT MAHAL62310Bahawal NagarPunjab

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