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Gujar Khan Postal Codes

    Gujar Khan Postal Codes

    Following are the postal codes of different towns in Gujar Khan city of Punjab.

    AHDI47750Gujar KhanPunjab
    BEWAL47910Gujar KhanPunjab
    BHAIR KALYAL47790Gujar KhanPunjab
    BHAWLAY KHURD47824Gujar KhanPunjab
    CHANGA BANGIAL49764Gujar KhanPunjab
    CHIK BUDHAL47882Gujar KhanPunjab
    DAULTALA47740Gujar KhanPunjab
    DEVI47784Gujar KhanPunjab
    DHONG47770Gujar KhanPunjab
    GUJAR KHAN G.P.O.47850Gujar KhanPunjab
    GULYANA47880Gujar KhanPunjab
    JAND MEHLOO47970Gujar KhanPunjab
    JARMOT KALAN47990Gujar KhanPunjab
    JATLI47780Gujar KhanPunjab
    KALIAM AWAN47680Gujar KhanPunjab
    KANYAT KHALIL47730Gujar KhanPunjab
    KAZIAN47960Gujar KhanPunjab
    KHINGAR MAMDAL47994Gujar KhanPunjab
    KINGER47930Gujar KhanPunjab
    KUNTRILLA47900Gujar KhanPunjab
    MANDRA47670Gujar KhanPunjab
    MANGOTE47710Gujar KhanPunjab
    MISSA KASWAL47980Gujar KhanPunjab
    MOHRA BHUTTIAN47920Gujar KhanPunjab
    MOHRA NOORI47884Gujar KhanPunjab
    NARALI47760Gujar KhanPunjab
    PINDORI47950Gujar KhanPunjab
    POTHI47690Gujar KhanPunjab
    PUNJGRAN KHURD47830Gujar KhanPunjab
    RAMAN47810Gujar KhanPunjab
    SANG47700Gujar KhanPunjab
    SASRAL47890Gujar KhanPunjab
    SAYYAD KISRAN47820Gujar KhanPunjab
    SUKHO47720Gujar KhanPunjab
    THATHI47940Gujar KhanPunjab
    THEKHERIAN47800Gujar KhanPunjab

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