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Kotli Postal Codes

    Kotli Postal Codes

    Following are the postal codes of different towns in Kotli city of Azad Kashmir.

    B AL BRAHMANA11220KotliAzad Kashmir
    BARATLA11032KotliAzad Kashmir
    BONG COLONY12010KotliAzad Kashmir
    CHARHOI11250KotliAzad Kashmir
    CHOWKI MONG11190KotliAzad Kashmir
    GULPUR11030KotliAzad Kashmir
    GUNNI MALNI11150KotliAzad Kashmir
    KALA DAB11260KotliAzad Kashmir
    KHUI RATTA (A.K)11200KotliAzad Kashmir
    KOTLI (AK)11100KotliAzad Kashmir
    MIRPUR CITY10250KotliAzad Kashmir
    MOHRA SHARIF KOTLI11180KotliAzad Kashmir
    NAKIAL11170KotliAzad Kashmir
    NAR11040KotliAzad Kashmir
    PANJERA11120KotliAzad Kashmir
    POTHA11014KotliAzad Kashmir
    SARSAWA11110KotliAzad Kashmir
    SEHER MANDI11020KotliAzad Kashmir
    SEHNSA11010KotliAzad Kashmir
    SERI11210KotliAzad Kashmir
    TATTA PANI11160KotliAzad Kashmir

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