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Mandi Bahauddin Postal Codes

    Mandi Bahauddin Postal Codes

    Following are the postal codes of different towns in Mandi Bahauddin city of Punjab.

    AMRA KALAN50340Mandi BahauddinPunjab
    B. G. PUR50330Mandi BahauddinPunjab
    BOSAL50486Mandi BahauddinPunjab
    CHAK JANO KHURD50310Mandi BahauddinPunjab
    CHAK NO. 150350Mandi BahauddinPunjab
    CHELLIAN WALA50360Mandi BahauddinPunjab
    DHRIKAN KALAN50450Mandi BahauddinPunjab
    DINGA50280Mandi BahauddinPunjab
    GOJRA50500Mandi BahauddinPunjab
    HASLANWALA50290Mandi BahauddinPunjab
    HELAN50440Mandi BahauddinPunjab
    KATHIALA SHEIKHAN50480Mandi BahauddinPunjab
    KHORI ALAM50286Mandi BahauddinPunjab
    MANDI BAHAUDDIN G. P. O.50400Mandi BahauddinPunjab
    MANGAT50410Mandi BahauddinPunjab
    MATSONABAD50520Mandi BahauddinPunjab
    MIANA GONDAL50580Mandi BahauddinPunjab
    MIANWAL50490Mandi BahauddinPunjab
    MONA REMOUNT DEPOT50560Mandi BahauddinPunjab
    MONG50390Mandi BahauddinPunjab
    MURALA50354Mandi BahauddinPunjab
    PHALIA50430Mandi BahauddinPunjab
    PINDI KALU50306Mandi BahauddinPunjab
    RASUL50370Mandi BahauddinPunjab
    RASUL G.C.T.50380Mandi BahauddinPunjab
    RUKKAN50510Mandi BahauddinPunjab
    SOHAWA BULANI50470Mandi BahauddinPunjab

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