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Mirpur Khas Postal Codes

    Mirpur Khas Postal Codes

    Following are the postal codes of different towns in Mirpur Khas city of Sindh.

    CHACHRO69170Mirpur KhasSindh
    CHHOR69090Mirpur KhasSindh
    DHORO NARO69070Mirpur KhasSindh
    DIGRI69330Mirpur KhasSindh
    DIPLO69280Mirpur KhasSindh
    ISLAM KOT69240Mirpur KhasSindh
    JHUDO69310Mirpur KhasSindh
    KHOKRAPAR69120Mirpur KhasSindh
    KOT GUHLAM MOHAMMAD69340Mirpur KhasSindh
    KOT MIRJAN MUHAMMAD69300Mirpur KhasSindh
    KUNRI69160Mirpur KhasSindh
    MIRPUR KHAS69000Mirpur KhasSindh
    MIRWAH GORCHANI69370Mirpur KhasSindh
    MITHI69230Mirpur KhasSindh
    MUHAMMAD SALAM PALLI69080Mirpur KhasSindh
    NABI SIR ROAD69200Mirpur KhasSindh
    NAGAR PARKAR69260Mirpur KhasSindh
    NAU KOT69220Mirpur KhasSindh
    NEW CHHOR69094Mirpur KhasSindh
    PITHARO69060Mirpur KhasSindh
    SAMAR ROAD69150Mirpur KhasSindh
    SAMARO69350Mirpur KhasSindh
    SHADI PAL69050Mirpur KhasSindh
    TALHI69210Mirpur KhasSindh
    TANDO JAN MUHAMMAD69320Mirpur KhasSindh
    UMAR KOT69100Mirpur KhasSindh

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