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Mirpur Postal Codes

    Mirpur Postal Codes

    Following are the postal codes of different towns in Mirpur city of Azad Kashmir.

    AFZAL PUR10360MirpurAzad Kashmir
    AJK BOARD OF EDUCATION MIRPUR10240MirpurAzad Kashmir
    AKAL GARH10470MirpurAzad Kashmir
    BANNI10370MirpurAzad Kashmir
    BEHARI10534MirpurAzad Kashmir
    BOHA DHANGRI10490MirpurAzad Kashmir
    CHAK SAWARI10500MirpurAzad Kashmir
    CHECHIAN10350MirpurAzad Kashmir
    CHHANI REKI10404MirpurAzad Kashmir
    CHHATTROH10320MirpurAzad Kashmir
    CHITTER PARI10230MirpurAzad Kashmir
    DADYAL KHURD10530MirpurAzad Kashmir
    DHAMAWA10460MirpurAzad Kashmir
    JATLI (AK)10380MirpurAzad Kashmir
    JATTI DHERI10480MirpurAzad Kashmir
    KATHA DILAWAR KHAN10550MirpurAzad Kashmir
    KHADIMABAD10310MirpurAzad Kashmir
    MANGLA DAM10200MirpurAzad Kashmir
    MIRPUR10250MirpurAzad Kashmir
    PALAK10520MirpurAzad Kashmir
    PANJERI10400MirpurAzad Kashmir
    PIND KALAN10510MirpurAzad Kashmir
    POTHA BAINSI10450MirpurAzad Kashmir
    RATTA10540MirpurAzad Kashmir
    SIAKH10300MirpurAzad Kashmir
    TARIQ ABAD (MIRPUR)10390MirpurAzad Kashmir
    THARA10544MirpurAzad Kashmir

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