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Muzaffarabad Postal Codes

    Muzaffarabad Postal Codes

    Following are the postal codes of different towns in Muzaffarabad city of Azad Kashmir.

    ATHMAQAM13230MuzaffarabadAzad Kashmir
    CHAKOTHI13240MuzaffarabadAzad Kashmir
    CHENARI13190MuzaffarabadAzad Kashmir
    CHIKAR13170MuzaffarabadAzad Kashmir
    GARAHI DUPATTA13150MuzaffarabadAzad Kashmir
    HATTIAN BALA13180MuzaffarabadAzad Kashmir
    KAHURI13200MuzaffarabadAzad Kashmir
    KARNAH13220MuzaffarabadAzad Kashmir
    LEEPA13164MuzaffarabadAzad Kashmir
    MUZAFFARABAD13100MuzaffarabadAzad Kashmir
    PATTIKA13210MuzaffarabadAzad Kashmir
    RAHIMKOT13250MuzaffarabadAzad Kashmir

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