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Saidu Shairf Postal Codes

    Saidu Shairf Postal Codes

    Following are the postal codes of different towns in  Saidu Shairf city of KPK.

    CHUPRIAL19044Saidu ShairfKPK
    ALOCH19150Saidu SharifKPK
    ALPURAI19100Saidu SharifKPK
    AMAN KOT19140Saidu SharifKPK
    BAHRAIN19010Saidu SharifKPK
    BARA DARWESH KHELA19050Saidu SharifKPK
    BARIKOT19240Saidu SharifKPK
    CHAKISAR19090Saidu SharifKPK
    CHARBAGH19120Saidu SharifKPK
    DAMORI19204Saidu SharifKPK
    DAVLAI19070Saidu SharifKPK
    FATEHPUR19030Saidu SharifKPK
    GHALEGI19230Saidu SharifKPK
    HODIGRAM19220Saidu SharifKPK
    KABAL19060Saidu SharifKPK
    KANA19080Saidu SharifKPK
    KHAWAZA KHELA19110Saidu SharifKPK
    MADYAN19020Saidu SharifKPK
    MANGORA19130Saidu SharifKPK
    MATTA19040Saidu SharifKPK
    RAHIM ABAD19210Saidu SharifKPK
    SAIDU SHARIF19200Saidu SharifKPK
    ZARA KHELA19250Saidu SharifKPK

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